herehush app description

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The first herehush app screen shows your location on a google map. Note that if you are inside a large building and not near a window, the GPS signal may be blocked and the app will indicate this with a message on the screen.

Once your location is displayed, you may hush it by long tapping the location on the map. If you wish to hush another location, scroll to it on the map or go to Search from the menu and enter the address. Long tap the hush arrow on the location. To delete a hush location, long tap it on the map and choose delete.

Short tapping a hushed location brings up the settings for that hush point. These include size of the hushed location, ring volume/vibrate and a weekly timer that is defaulted to hushed all the time when the hush point is set up. The allowed callers button takes you to a list of your contacts where you may specify a caller or callers who may ring through at a hush point.

Going to settings on the menu provides a number of advanced features, default settings, etc.  Other menu items are self explanatory.

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